Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske Seeks Citizen Input on Job Creation

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Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske


Unemployment news continues to be bad. Just click here to see the latest stats from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics which shows total unemployment (including under employment) in California is a whopping 22.1%.

That’s why last Tuesday I asked the Council and City Manager to focus on creating jobs in the small business sector. Since coming to office I have met with many small business owners who voice concerns about the following:

  • City business license fees that are based upon the number of employees (which is counter productive in a time when we are trying to grow jobs).
  • High “false alarm” fees. Many retailers have alarm systems that if they sound and no crime in progress is apparent, they can be charged a false alarm fee.
  • High credit card transaction fees.
  • Lack of trained employees.

So what can Long Beach do to grow jobs? Click here and tell me.

Offering Reduced Credit Card Transaction Fees
Several months ago I contacted the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce and asked that they join me in urging the City to partner with financial institutions that are willing to offer our local business better credit card transaction fee rates and other banking services.

The City of Long Beach has begun talking with several banks who want the business of the City and are including in these discussions the issues of working with our local small businesses.

Please let me know how we can do things better in Long Beach to grow the jobs we need to get us out of the terrible unemployment we face.


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