Councilwoman Schipske’s “Shape Up the Fifth “ Walks El Dorado Park East August 27th

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City Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske is sharpening her pencils and checking her shoelaces, because she can’t wait for the next Shaping Up the Fifth walk through El Dorado Park South, August 27th, from 8 to 10 a.m.

“If more people walk, they can take more time to scrutinize each street for cracks and potholes, elevated sidewalks, missing signs, graffiti and other issues that make people feel sad about their neighborhood,” Schipske says.

“It’s also a great way to do something great for your body, and neighborhood with your neighbors, “ she adds.

This month’s walk covers the triangular area from Studebaker Road to Stevely Avenue and from Stearns Street to the 405 Freeway.

Residents should wear comfortable shoes, hats and sunblock, bring water and meet at the Stearns Street and Volk Avenue inlet.

A group of 16 residents July 30th found 245 issues in need of improvement in their neighborhood east of Studebaker Road and north of Wardlow Road when they walked with Schipske and her staff.

“Sidewalks are in need of repair,” Schipske explains. Residents also noted 69 Code Enforcement issues; 29 cases of trees in need of trimming; several places where streets have potholes or “alligatoring,” which is multiple cracks and cratering; seven cases of standing water; one sign needed replacement and one resident found graffiti.

“All the service requests are processed into the city’s database, and my website at,” Schipske says. “ Residents can click on the maps under Shaping Up the Fifth, which are updated every two weeks to see what’s happening with them.”


2 Responses to “Councilwoman Schipske’s “Shape Up the Fifth “ Walks El Dorado Park East August 27th”
  1. Russ Turley says:

    Hmmm? Where did Gerrie get this idea?

  2. sm says:

    movies in parks, beaches, grade D concerts B so far this year