Long Beach Signs Use Agreement for DeForest Wetlands Project

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deforest wetlands The City of Long Beach has entered into a Use Agreement with the Los Angeles County Flood Control District for a term of 40 years.

“This is a great way for Los Angeles County and the City of Long Beach to work together to create new recreational activities in the community,” said Supervisor Knabe. “This will certainly improve the quality of life for the residents of the County of Los Angeles.”

The agreement allows both the County and City to use certain properties along the east side of the Los Angeles River between Osgood and Market Streets in the City for recreational purposes. Long Beach has proposed to develop, construct, operate and maintain open space, parkland, trails and other recreation amenities in connection with the DeForest Wetlands Project.

The DeForest Wetlands Restoration Project is part of the Long Beach RiverLink, a plan to create integrated open space with improved habitat and a recreation network along the Los Angeles River that will connect Long Beach and the natural river systems. The DeForest Wetlands Restoration Project will restore 34 acres of wetlands along the lower Los Angeles River and allow native vegetation and animal habitats to thrive again. The project is a joint project between the City of Long Beach and Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

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