CSULB Launches New Multi-language Website With Mobile Accessibility

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California State University (CSULB) rolled out a new and dynamic university website on Wednesday. The initial launch includes a complete redesign of the homepage, new homepages for the Shark Lab, University Art Museum and 49er Bookstore as well as a new content management system, responsive (mobile) design, accessibility compliance, a digital style guide and a multiple language feature.

“I’m excited about the launch of our new website. As the first experience many people have of our university, it reflects our excellence and diversity,” said CSULB President Jane Close Conoley. “Dynamic and engaging, it will raise awareness of our innovative programs, academic resources and community partnerships. I’m proud of the teams and individuals across campus whose dedication and vision brought it to life.” 

The new homepage is a digital experience that brings new focus and exposure to the university’s mission and vision to current and prospective students, the campus community and the world. Core to the execution of the website redesign is incorporation of the Accessible Technology Initiative – redesigned pages will be filtered and scanned to ensure the website is accessible to those who are impaired. Additionally, as CSULB serves one of the most diverse student populations in the country, the website offers the ability to browse it in 91 different languages.

“This is a game changer that elevates our university,” said Danny Martinez Menjivar, a CSULB senior biology/philosophy major who recently got a look at the new website in progress. “I am passionate for seeing the university enhance and evolve its image and this website will significantly do that on a national scale.”

Support for the redesign has been a campus wide effort that includes a web taskforce, Academic and Technology Services, Information Technology Services and Marketing and Communications. In addition, deans of the academic colleges, vice presidents and presidents have provided input into the development process.

“The support, dedication and collaboration of many teams and individuals has been the driving force for this successful project,” said Andy Hoang, associate vice president, marketing & communications.  “For many visitors, their first experience with our university is not when they physically step onto campus. It’s when they log onto our website. Like our university, the homepage is a unique destination.”

Visit CSULB.edu to see the new site.

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