Over 83,000 Apply for Fall 2014 at CSULB; Tops Among CSU Campuses

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Cal State Long Beach (CSULB), again, leads the way among California State University (CSU) campuses in the number of applications received from prospective first-time freshmen and transfer students interested in attending classes at the university next fall.

The initial filing period for undergraduate students to electronically apply to any CSU campus next fall ended Nov. 30.

According to figures released by the CSU system, CSULB received 56,281 first-time freshmen applications, which was about 500 more than the next highest CSU campus. Long Beach also received 25,910 transfer student applications, which was more than 3,500 applications higher than the next CSU campus. Both CSULB figures represent modest increases over the previous year.

Factoring in international and other applications sent directly to the campus, CSULB has a total applicant pool of 83,594 new students interested in attending the university in fall 2014.

“We are very pleased that Cal State Long Beach continues to be a destination campus for so many California students.  It is humbling to note that we will again be among the top few campuses nationally in the number of applications received,” said CSULB Interim President Donald Para. “This increase is especially meaningful since the national demographics show a decline in the number of high school graduates leading to a declining number of applications.

“We are a student-centered, date-driven campus,” Para added. “Our success as demonstrated by the amazing number of applications we received coupled with our significant and rapid increase in graduation rates in the last 10 years is a testament to the entire campus community – staff, faculty, and administration.”

Compared to the number of applications received electronically last year, CSULB’s first-time freshmen total rose by 667 (1.2 percent). Its transfer application total increased by 902 (3.6 percent) from a year ago.

“The record number of applications indicates that prospective students and their parents recognize that CSULB offers a great educational value–a high quality, low cost education,” the president added. “At the same time, it is a harsh reality that we will likely not admit more than 30,000 qualified students.  From the 83,500 applications we received, we will enroll fewer than 8,000 new students.”

Based on the high number of applications, getting into CSULB continues to be extremely competitive. University officials anticipate enrolling about 4,000 new first-time freshmen for the fall 2014 semester and 3,500 new transfer students.  That’s only about 7 percent of the total number of freshman applications received and about 13.5 percent of transfer applications.

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