CSULB’s College of Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series Takes on ‘Engineering for the Body’ Thursday

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Over the last several years, engineering has empowered numerous innovations in the field of medicine that have improved the lives of many.

A panel of experts will explore issues related to these medical innovations at this fall’s Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) College of Engineering (COE) Distinguished Lecture Series on Thursday, Oct. 24, beginning at 5 p.m. in The Pointe of the campus’ Walter Pyramid.

Titled “Engineering for the Body: Reproducing Body Functions,” the event is free and open to the public. Reservations are requested, however, by writing to Coe-dev@csulb.edu or the COE’s Distinguished Lecture Series webpage, where those interested can register.

Among the panelists will be Dr. Fred Burbank, founder and medical director of Salt Creek Medical; David Stout, a research engineer from Brown University; and Patrick Ikehara, senior patent counsel for Applied Medical, a new generation medical device company. Nick Sramek, a Board of Harbor Commissioner for the Port of Long Beach, will serve as moderator for the discussion.

The guest speakers will address the technological needs and intellectual property protection issues related to innovations in the areas of tissue engineering, cell modeling and device development.

“These innovations (in the field of medicine) cover a wide array of areas, including prostheses (producing limbs with 3D printers) and transplants, nanotubes, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine (growing body forms) and genetic medicine to name just a few,” noted Forouzan Golshani, dean of CSULB’s College of Engineering. “The applications for these innovations are growing as their use increases and more and more physicians learn about the expanding technologies.”

The goal of the lecture series is to offer a balance of engineering and the science behind it plus business and policy issues.

“It’s a juggling act to balance the speakers in order to address all the issues with respect to these interdisciplinary subjects,” the dean pointed out. “Each of the speakers will provide a perspective on the topics from a different angle. Together, they hope to present a coherent view of all issues related to the topic.”

Established in 2008, the COE’s Distinguished Lecture Series has touched on engineering issues related to the environment, energy and water, cyber-security, clean transportation and bioengineering.

“We feel (the Distinguished Lecture Series) is an effective instrument for connecting faculty, staff and students to the community.  We want to underline the importance of research at the forefront of our college,” Golshani explained.  “We are interested in putting the community in contact with leaders of thought. The fact the College of Engineering can bring in speakers of such quality shows that there is interest in interacting with the university as an institution committed to the region’s economic growth.”

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