Culinary Coach helps families return to cooking at home

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Celebrity Chef and anti-obesity activist Jamie Oliver was recently given the opportunity to make one wish to change the world as the 2010 TED prizewinner.  That wish?  “I wish for your help to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”

From celebrity chefs to college professors and authors, those “in the know” about food are encouraging Americans to return to cooking at home.  For families that don’t already cook, or who want to expand their knowledge of cooking at home, a culinary coach can help. Westminster-based Culinary Coach provides is taking their cooking classes on the road to homes in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

From beginners who want to learn the basics of preparing delicious, simple meals, to seasoned “foodies” who want to master an advanced technique or specific cuisine, Culinary Coach provides the instruction and encouragement necessary to succeed.  And, unlike cooking classes that take place in professional kitchens, cooking classes with a coach can take place in the home where every element of every dish is made by class participants.

“I want to help people succeed in their efforts to cook at home,” said Chef Gregg Denter, founder of Culinary Coach.  “Conducting classes in-home ensures success because we work closely together in your kitchen with your own appliances and utensils.  And we have fun doing it!”

Michael Pollan, a professor at UC Berkeley and author of “In Defense of Food; An Eater’s Manifesto” and “Food Rules,” explains that cooking is key because it’s the only way to truly take control of what we eat.

Cooking at home means taking charge – eating healthier and taking comfort knowing exactly what’s in each dish.  According to Chef Denter, “Whether you make the decision to cook at home to manage your health or to manage your budget, a return to family meals made at home and enjoyed together is the greatest, and healthiest, reward.”

Find out more about Culinary Coach on the company’s website at Long Beach residents can also visit the Culinary Coach Grill at one of two local farmers’ markets—on Wednesdays near Marine Stadium and at the Long Beach Sunday Market at Longfellow Elementary School.

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