Cultural Alliance of Long Beach Hosts Body Positive Event; Celebrates Release of New Novel, Fatizen 24602

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To celebrate the release of the novel, Fatizen 24602, by Philip C. Barragan II, men and women of all sizes are invited to take part in this unique event that proclaims: “Fat is not four letter word!” The event features readings by the author, a plus-size fashion show with styles from Curves Make a Woman and Wild Siren, spoken word performed by Matt Sedillo, Derek D. Brown and Sabrina Dropkick, and a panel discussion on the growing body positive movement in the US.

This earth shaking event celebrates the debut of Fatizen 24602, a novel by Philip C, Barragan II. Set in Long Beach in the year 2075, this is a story that challenges an ignored or often acceptable form of prejudice and ridicule, and imagines a time when overweight citizens are denied their rights and labeled Fatizens.

Delilah Palladino is the novel’s fierce and proud heroine. She makes no excuses for the space that her body requires and fights to protect herself and her family from the Office of Size Compliance; a branch of the government that is allowed to forcibly take “Fatizens” from their homes and into concentration camps for the obese.

Barragan began writing his novel in 2009. “I hope this book challenges society’s assumptions and heightens awareness of the judgment against fat people. It’s time to eliminate FAT shame.”

Barragan holds a MFA in creative writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles. This is his first novel, published by Branch Hill Publications, Bennington, Vermont.

The Fat is not four letter word!event is Saturday March 28, 2015, from 1:00-3:30pm at the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, 729 Pine Ave. Long Beach, 90813.

This is a free event sponsored by the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach.

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