Garcia to Host Cycling Plan Community Meeting May 2nd

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moving long beach community meetingsCouncilmember will highlight City’s progress and plans, report on his trip to cycling conference in Spain

Councilmember Robert Garcia, along with City mobility staff, will host a Cycling Plan Community Meeting this coming Monday, May 2, at 6pm in the Jenny Oropeza Community Center at Cesar Chavez Park, 401 Golden Avenue in Long Beach.

“I’m looking forward to sharing all the great work the City’s done on cycling, and talking about the next steps,” said Garcia. “This is a chance for the community to ask questions, share input, and get a lot of good information.”

Garcia’s presentation will include pictures and statistics for some of the many infrastructure improvements that have occurred in Long Beach over the last few years, as well as information about current and future grants and cycling projects, and a slideshow of his recent trip to an international cycling conference Seville, Spain, which was paid for with a scholarship from nonprofit groups.

Sumire Gant, Transportation Programs Officer for Long Beach , and Charles Gandy, the City’s Mobility Coordinator, will also be present, as will representatives from several neighborhood groups, including the Willmore City Heritage Association and the Downtown Residents’ Council.

The meeting is open to the public and light refreshments will be served.

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