DA Jackie Lacey to Speak to Students at Long Beach Branch NAACP 12th Annual Law Day Project

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Jackie Lacey - District Attorney

District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

Naomi Rainey, President of the Long Beach Branch NAACP and Ginette Brown, Attorney at the firm of Keesal, Young & Logan, are proud to announce the 12th Annual Law Day Project and the theme is “Realizing the Dream.” This invitational Law Day Program will be held at the law office of Keesal, Young & Logan today, Tuesday, April 30, 2013. Los Angeles District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, is slated to speak at the event.

Student participants are from the Long Beach Unified School District, private schools, and other organizations in the Long Beach community.

“To become an attorney is to become a social engineer. Being a lawyer is a great and noble profession,” explained the organizers in a press release about the Law Day Project event. “Lawyers influence our economic, political, and social systems for the betterment of all. When one feels that his or her rights have been ignored, one consults a lawyer. When laws are written, attorneys are consulted to ensure that they are fair and precise. When someone is hurt by a person, company or faulty product, a lawyer will go to court to protect the rights of that individual.”

The Law Day Project is supported by the Long Beach Bar Association and the Los Angeles County Bar Association, John Langston Bar Association, Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Los Angeles County (APABA).   The program introduces minority students from middle school through college to law as a career. The program includes visitation to the Law Firm of Keesal, Young & Logan, mentoring by lawyers and judges, panel discussions, and student round-table with lawyers and judges.

Since its founding, in 1909, the NAACP has forged dramatic social and political changes in the lives of countless Americans. During this struggle, the NAACP has made good on a promise made over 240 years ago that all men and women are created equal. To ensure that every American has a right to pursue his or her own vision of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, famed NAACP lawyers such as Thurgood Marshall and Charles Houston stepped forward to challenge conventional thought and to make democracy a reality for all. Thurgood Marshall later became the first African American man to sit on the Supreme Court and served over 20 years. The Long Beach Branch NAACP hopes this program will motivate students of color to follow the footsteps of famed NAACP lawyers and other unsung legal heroes that use their skill in law to promote equality and justice.

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