Do You Dare to Enter the Schoolhouse of Horrors?

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Are you brave enough to enter KGA’s School House of Horrors?

Join Khmer Girls in Action on Halloween night and find out why so many students like ghosts, are disappearing before our eyes. Why do they leave? Where do they go? Enter the haunted maze and discover how poverty and prisons are haunting the community and causing students to vanish from the classroom.  

With tricks and treats, scares and screams around every creepy corner — this is a haunted event you don’t want to miss! Bring your friends if you dare. And if you make it out alive, enjoy candy and learn how to stop these haunted horrors and take back our community!

Bring your friends and families to this frightfully fun, FREE event! $2 suggested donation. No one will be turned away for a lack of funds. Be there or be scared!! RSVP on Facebook.

What’s at Stake?

This Halloween is an opportunity to look behind the masks to see what’s really going on in the lives of the trick-or-treaters at our door. Since 2008, budget cuts have been making slashes to our education system. Every 15 minutes of the school-day, a student is suspended in Long Beach Unified School District as zero-tolerance school-discipline policies push students out of school. In Long Beach, 80% of teen pregnancies occur in the zip codes around Poly, Cabrillo and Jordan high schools, where students have few health resources to turn to. But despite these “tricks” being played on our youth, there are “treats” on the horizon as community members pose solutions to end barriers to students’ academic success. Those brave enough to face KGA’s School House of Horrors will learn more about how Yes on Prop. 47 can heal our community from the harm of prisons and poverty as well as ways to be involved in community organizing efforts that keep students thriving in school!

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