Dark Harbor at The Queen Mary Frightens Thousands on Opening Weekend

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On Thursday, October 3, The Queen Mary unleashed a myriad of frightening beasts, ghosts and circus freaks for the annual Dark Harbor event. The first night of the scare fest attracted thousands of attendees and set the tone for sixteen additional Dark Harbor dates. As night fell, the interior and exterior of the ship bustled with spirit characters that included the elusive Scary Mary, the rotting Captain, and the newest member of the blood curdling cast of spooks, The Ringmaster.

The Ringmaster captivated the crowds with wicked charm, weaving in and out of the deadliest show on earth. Dark Harbor’s centrally located pavilion featured ghastly creatures that haunted maze entrances and attractions. The outdoor stage hosted music by The Rhythm Coffin and beats courtesy of DJ Abel. Next to the stage the Rock-O-Plane ferris wheel spun passengers into a frenzy, while the mechanical monster below dared guests to survive 8 seconds of it’s deadly ride. The Dark Harbor zip line gave adventure lovers an opportunity to take their excitement to another level by experiencing the haunted carnival while flying through air. Grotesque creatures were brimming below the wire that provided a view of the Haunted Hookah Lounge, food and bar vendors, and the looming Queen Mary ship. Opening night celebrity spotting included Jesse Heiman, Shar Jackson, and Barbra Alyn Woods—with her shrieking family in tow.

New to the lineup of mazes for 2013 was Circus. The Ringmaster summoned sideshow freaks to gather under a dome filled with twisting tunnels, unexpected circus scares, and an enveloping entrance. Mazes Deadrise and Hellfire lead guests through meandering hallways that funneled directly into the ship. Submerged filled the ocean liner with screams as people experienced the legends and lore of the grand vessel first hand, most notably in the pool room that reminded guests how Scary Mary came to her end. The new Freak Show spectacles provided another layer of disturbingly wonderful fright, where Headless Hannah, the Human Crab, and more shocking freaks were held captive behind their pyrotechnic gates. Dark Harbor celebrates the haunted history of The Queen Mary and provides an authentic atmosphere perfect for unnerving willing thrill seekers.

Dark Harbor will be open October 11-13; 17-20, 24-27 and Oct 31 – November 2 from 7 p.m. to midnight. Tickets start at just $20. For more information, or to purchase tickets online, visit www.queenmary.com/dark-harbor. For special events see dates below.

October 11: Power 106 Night

October 12: The Rhythm Coffin / DJ Dennis Owens

October 13: Gay Night / Drag show hosted by Jewels Long Beach

October 17: Pixi Kill / DJ Dennis Owens

October 18: Fart Barf / DJ Dennis Owens

October 19: 99.1 KGGI Night

October 20: Move / DJ Dennis Owens

October 24: DJ Dennis Owens

October 25: Slant / DJ Abel

October 27: The Black Latern / DJ Abel

October 31: Costume Contest / Drag Show / Trick or Treating / DJ Manny Lehman

November 1: Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos with DJ Abel / Costumes encouraged

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