David McKeag: Fitness and Nutrition Trainer in Long Beach

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David McKeag, Fitness and Nutrition Trainer

Imagine if you will, a muscle-bound fitness trainer with a swagger in his walk, and a quick lift of the chin to you when he walks by. When he’s training you on the weight machine, he yells out single-syllable words. Now imagine the opposite. That is David McKeag.

Soft-spoken, thoughtful and professional, 48-year-old Long Beach local David McKeag keeps his regimens simple and straightforward. He works with clients on nutrition, cardio, and muscle building. He listens to his clients’ needs, and finds the best physical goals and nutritional plans for each individual. He enjoys meeting amazing people and helping them build strength and stamina, and improve their overall health. David says, “All I see in fitness are benefits; I love training people and watching the light bulb turn on when they get something, and make that change.”

Although David didn’t begin his career aiming to become a fitness trainer (he has a degree in art and another in industrial design), he’s been certified through the American Council of Exercise since 1994. By the age of twenty, fitness and health had become a driving force in his life. Interestingly, with his industrial design background, his added education in anatomy and physiology, and his ever-continuing education in nutrition and exercise, he better appreciates the complexity and beauty of how the human body works, and how it works out. He tells his clients one universal truth: “The more muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn.”

nutrition is a very personal part of David’s life. Throughout his childhood and early adulthood, he was what one might call “scrawny.” He was extremely underweight — 117 pounds on his 5’11” frame — and he learned early the benefits of good nutrition and strength training. For sixteen years he has helped individuals with all types of needs – people with special nutritional needs, people who suffer from obesity or who are underweight, and people who are in need of specialized strength training due to stroke or other physical challenges. What he has seen repeatedly in his clients is raised self esteem, improved health, and a rejuvenation of body and mind.

David started as a fitness trainer at Bally’s in Long Beach before moving to a more personal environment at a local, specialized gym for individual training. With his reasonable rates and excellent listening skills, he’s maintained a steady, faithful set of clientele. More recently, in addition to his independent personal training, he contracts with the new, state-of-the-art Park East Fitness (5236 E Los Altos Plaza), located just off PCH at Anaheim Road in Long Beach. There, you won’t just benefit from his considerate and well-thought-out personal workouts, you’ll also see some of his artwork hanging on the walls. Talk about a well-rounded workout!

To schedule your free consultation with David McKeag, contact him at (562) 301-0849. His website address is: www.dmkfitness.com.

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