DDR Projects closes gallery with group show, Looking into the Sun

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ddr-art-showDDR Projects proudly presents its final exhibit entitled “Looking into the Sun” on December 12. This awe-inspiring group exhibit will feature over 60 artists from around the world.

The rumors are true. DDR Projects will be holding its final exhibit at its current location this December. And what an exhibit it’s going to be. Without a doubt this will be the most important and relevant exhibit in Long Beach history.

Looking into the Sun is a confluence of art and ideas from around the world that transcends genres, mediums and demographics. It features some of the most important working artists of our time.

Originally, this December event was a co-curation between the gallery and Dixon, a Spanish artist and exclusive to DDR Projects. However, after realizing the gallery was to close, DDR Projects felt it only right to end its tenure by not only exhibiting the artists curated by Dixon, but to also exhibit the work of the many artists that have shown their support in one way or another to the gallery itself over the past two years. It’s truly a fitting end for the most important art gallery in Long Beach’s history, DDR Projects.

The idea is to bring exciting, important contemporary artwork from emerging artists to Long Beach. To try and break down the stereotypes and stigmas associated with art in hopes it will entice our community and start us on the path of appreciation and overall support in Long Beach for the arts. Some group exhibits revolve around a common theme or specific subject matter. Not with this exhibit except our request to the artists to showcase their work in a way that best represents what they are trying to achieve at this stage of their career. Sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised. Artists tend to be their own worst critic. Overall the exhibit will be a visual potpourri of retinal delights, social commentary, political dissidence and most important, a bridge to help artist and viewer cross that threshold of unattainable and misunderstanding of the fine arts.

Though the current gallery space is closing, DDR Projects will continue to curate exhibits at various other locations throughout the City of Long Beach.

Please join us opening night for an evening of eye opening art Saturday, December 12th at 6pm.

For additional information, please contact: John Geldbach at DDR Projects. (562) 434-8480 or via email; john@ddrprojects.com

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