Seeking Artists: DDR Projects Teams With Cannibal Flower and Thinkspace Art Gallery

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You may have heard through the various grapevines that DDR Projects is starting a new art related event with the people from Cannibal Flower and Thinkspace Art Gallery in Los Angeles. If you didn’t, well now you do.

DDR Projects is doing an open call to artists who wish to participate in the bi-monthly, one-night event. However, not looking for just any artist(s). Instead they are looking for sound artists and sound installation artists with a focus on audience interaction and participation. DDR Projects wants to hear from artists who work in visual, performative and aural mediums with the use of sound. They are NOT looking for bands or prototypical musical acts. What they want are works of art that incorporate a certain aesthetic and ambiance not normally associated with 2D art and the ilk. Artists and works of art that might be considered on the fringe.

If you are one of these types of artists, who works in these types of mediums or you know of one, please don’t hesitate to submit your work for consideration.

The venue is located in downtown Los Angeles and is approximately 6,000 square feet in size with at least 4,000 square feet of useable exhibition space. With ceilings at least 15′ in height. Procuring power is obviously NOT a problem.

PRINTERS / SILK SCREEN ARTISTS WANTED: We are also looking for artists who work in the printing medium. That would include print makers, silkscreeners, etchers and the like. As the new curators to {open} Books in Long Beach, DDR Projects is creating a new exhibition venue who’s primary focus is the print medium. Not only will they be exhibiting original prints, multiples and other print mediums, but they also will be hosting demos, lectures and hands-on classes. Long Beach has no venue or galleries devoted specifically to this medium and as big fans of the medium it is DDR Projects goal to give light to an increasingly creative and inventive medium in the art world. Interested artists should contact DDR Projects and submit your work for consideration.

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