A Pencil and A Lens: DDR Projects Exhibits Work of Ty Williams, Rob Kulisek

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ty-williams-ddr-projectsDDR Projects welcomes Ty Williams and Rob Kulisek to the gallery exhibiting their collaborative, yet different stylized work. A Pencil and A Lens opens Saturday, June 13th, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

Living close together in NYC, Ty and Rob see the same things, but have chosen to express what they see with completely different mediums.

Ty’s roots lay in illustration, whereas Rob’s is in photography. Ty lives in the places Rob shoots and can often be found in front of his camera. Rob surfs and is a great comedian and Ty finds himself transferring that to paper.

Through artistic measures, they want people to see these two paths and experience the dialogue that they have, operating with the tools they’ve grown accustom to using. With the release of their first cooperative book, aptly titled “A Pencil and a Lens”, Ty and Rob present a sampling of the works found in that book for live exhibition.

About the Artist: Ty Williams

From USVI, Florida, and New England. Ty Williams, a painter, illustrator and collage enthusiast.

I have been creating work ever since I saw my mom make art for our house’s walls. Since then I’ve lived in many places, and in turn my work has changed and gone in multiple directions. I paint characters and themes that frequent my life as well as incorporate found words and images to bring a more mixed media vibe to my visual stories. I want people to see my work and enjoy it for what it is but at the same time also realize the sense of melancholy that does exist behind some of the text and images. My work has been shown on both coasts as well as graced the pages of some magazines, and t-shirt brands. I recently handled art direction for the surf film “Picaresque”, and recently wrapped up a book with my best friend Rob Kulisek called coincidentally A Pencil and A Lens.

Ty presently resides in Brooklyn with only his paints (or is it his pants) and a massive amount of old books that keep him inspire.

About the Artist: Rob Kulisek

Robert Stephen Kulisek is a sophomore at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine living in Long Beach, NY and working in New York City. Robx2019;s visual art consists of both documentary photography and surreal simulations of the obscure world in which he lives; a blend of city and sea. By presenting large format Xerox prints, Rob believes he can detach presumed aesthetics and in turn present a more honest interpretation of his subjects.

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