Debt Relief Expert Coming to Long Beach

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harvey-z-warren-drop-debt book signingBy Jessica Pollack

Nationally recognized debt relief expert, Harvey Z. Warren, is coming to Long Beach for a book-signing event for his second book “Drop Debt”. He will be at the Borders Long Beach Bookstore at the Pike on September 25. Warren helps people drowning in debt to get out of debt legitimately, and through his books, he helps people avoid common pitfalls that can cause them to get into debt trouble.

Most Americans recognize that the credit environment is broken, but even those trying to help are at a loss as to what will help rather than hurt the situation. Warren reports that only one out of every nineteen people who apply for current consumer debt counseling qualify. That leaves a lot of people desperate and ripe victims for predatory lenders and collections agencies and scam artists. This situation hurts legitimate lenders and consumers and needs to be fixed.

That is why Warren, with economist Dr. Robert Manning author of “Credit Card Nation, are in the process of writing a white paper for Congress on the subject of ethical debt collection. The goal is to help legitimate creditors collect on outstanding accounts, while helping consumers emerge from overwhelming debt without filing bankruptcy or becoming victims of predatory collection companies. They are joined in Washington with CEO’s from Credit Counseling Agencies in New Jersey, Utah, Wyoming and Florida to help Congress understand the debt relief industry in attempts to help more Americans safely emerge from devastating debt. He recently met with business and community leaders in Long Beach to talk about ways to help local residents.

Warren has worked with tens of thousands of debt-crushed consumers to reduce their credit debt by more than $110 million. Since these small and medium business owners and individual consumers avoided bankruptcy by working with Warren and his team, creditors recovered $80 million that would have otherwise been completely lost in bankruptcy.

His passion is to do more than save people from debt, but also to help with tools to build a healthy financial future – regardless of the state of the economy. Warren says that while he is pleased with his record of being able to help people, he is always saddened that people wait until they are desperate to seek help with their finances. His ultimate goal for himself and his financial team is to help so many people learn how to avoid debt problems and learn true financial fitness, that the debt relief side of his business will be obsolete.

To forward that goal, Warren is embarking on a speaking and educational seminar tour designed to reach as many people as he can to share some of the tools he uses to help individuals and businesses avoid the long-lasting negative effects of overwhelming debt and bankruptcy. Along with the book signing events, he offers free workshops to community, business and educational groups.

The Harvey Z. Warren book-signing is Saturday,September 25, 2010 from 3-5pm  at the Borders Bookstore at the Pike 101 S. Pine Avenue, Long Beach, 90802.

Harvey Z. Warren is available for comments on current financial matters and speaks to community and business groups for free.  Contact him at or 213-304-7510.  To book a workshop, contact Jessica at or 562-331-7804.

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