DG Boxing Gym Opens Downtown Location, Host Grand Opening Celebration

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opens new downtown Anthony Skalberg a Long Beach native who graduated from Wilson High School opened DG Boxing’s second location in downtown Long Beach at Pine & 7th on February 1st, 2012. Skalberg opened the gym in hopes of being able to give back to the neighborhood just as DG Boxing helped him growing up as a teenager in an inner city environment.

“I’m very excited to open another DG location in Long Beach. I’m a local guy who grew up in a working class family with very little income, I feel I am now in a position where I can help the neighborhood kids as DG helped me previously” said Skalberg.

A grand opening celebration will take place at the Pine Avenue location on March 5, 2012 at 5PM. Skalberg hopes the event will debut the gym to the community and give people a chance to discover a new way to keep fit. The event will have free food, music and demonstrations with Skalberg and some of his fighters.

Skalberg is an ex fighter who started training at DG when he was 13 years old, it was a great outlet for him and kept him disciplined, away from the crime and violence, which is typical in poor neighborhoods of large cities. He worked tirelessly with DG to advance from amateur to pro-fighter. An injury prevented Skalberg from continuing on with his dream of a professional fighting career; however with the mentoring of DG, David Gonzalez, it has always been his ultimate aim to follow in the footsteps of DG and help others train, whether the person is a teacher, police officer, house wife or NFL player.

“The goal of DG Boxing when I first started back in 2000 was to create a gym for the average person. I believe boxing is not just for competition, but for self defense, fitness and to build one’s self esteem” said DG, owner of another location in Long Beach.

DG Boxing specializes in one-on-one training whether you are a beginner or experienced boxer. They train individuals at their own level and also offer group training, which allows individuals to learn from the trainer as well as others in the group.

For more information about the second location, special opening offers or DG Boxing, please contact Anthony Skalberg (562) 606-2665 or email pineavedgboxing@gmail.com

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