Dishcrawl Plans First Foodie Adventure in Long Beach

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Dishcrawl in Long BeachBring an appetite and a sense of adventure because when you go out for dinner with this group anything can happen!

Dishcrawl, a local Bay Area start-up founded on the premise that communities can be brought together through good food and good company, is expanding to Long Beach. The group will host their first event on Tuesday, March 12 at 7pm, with an exploration of Long Beach’s cultural Downtown.

Dishcrawl takes food lovers on a gourmet Dishcrawl to four distinctive restaurants in one night meeting the chefs and owners. It’s like a pub crawl—but more delicious! 

Local foodies can join in and eat at four different restaurants in one night for only $45 per person. To add an interesting twist participating restaurants are kept secret until two days before the event, at which time the first location is revealed to ticket holders.

Tickets and additional information about Long Beach’s upcoming Dishcrawls are available at or follow @Dishcrawllb.

Dishcrawl’s mission is to give folks a reason to get out of the house and socially engage with each other while helping local restaurants gain exposure.

Dishcrawl creates dining experiences and events to satisfy anyone’s craving.  Our mission is to show food lovers the best dishes in local restaurants.  You can find your local Dishcrawl Ambassador leading you through progressive dinners, prix fixe dinners, and other fun food events!  Dishcrawlers can enjoy dining experiences in San Francisco, New York, Montreal, Ottawa, San Jose, Toronto, Philadelphia, DC, and more.  Visit for a local dining experience.

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