DLBA Hires Outreach Specialist to Connect Homeless With Local Services

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Access to Shelter

The Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) is continuing to address the Downtown homeless issue by implementing an Outreach Specialist to its Safety Guide contract, announced Kraig Kojian, DLBA President and CEO.

Jose Martinez, an employee of Block-By-Block, the contract provider for the Safety Guide program, began serving as the Outreach Specialist on July 16, with his primary role designated to establish relationships with individuals experiencing homelessness.

Maintaining its commitment to the health and welfare of Downtown Long Beach, the DLBA made the decision to expand its dedicated service to liaise with its homeless population and assist them in accessing local resources and social service agencies.

“Although there may be a robust network of services for individuals experiencing homelessness in Long Beach, sometime the biggest challenge is making those connections between potential clients and service providers” shared Kojian.  “One more person addressing homelessness may not end the issue, but exposing the available services to one person at a time could have a profound impact on an individual’s life.”

Martinez has more than seven years of experience in counseling and homeless assistance, including his most recent post at Mental Health America as an Outreach Worker. His responsibility as the Downtown Outreach Specialist includes street outreach, collaboration with community partners, overcoming barriers to service for individuals, and detailed reporting of outreach. Currently the DLBA Safety Guides provide outreach and offer resource information to individuals experiencing homelessness. By adding a dedicated Downtown Outreach Specialist, DLBA will be able to provide more strategic services to the homeless community and gain a better understanding of current challenges and progress.

“As someone who both lives and works in Downtown Long Beach, I am very committed to this challenge and neighborhood,” added Martinez. “I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to my community and I look forward to helping some of our most vulnerable neighbors get back on their feet.”

For more information about the DLBA, please visit www.downtownlongbeach.org or call (562) 436-4259.

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