DOJ Approves 326 Bulletproof Vests for LB Officers

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Detective shotCongresswoman Laura Richardson announced today that the Bureau of Justice Assistance, a component of the Office of Justice Programs, within the United States Department of Justice, has posted Fiscal Year 2012 award amounts for three payment programs.

Under the Bulletproof Vest Partnership program, law enforcement agencies in the Los Angeles community will receive funding to purchase a total of 3,072 bulletproof vests. Long Beach received $13,397.56 which will allow for the purchase of 326 vests.

“I am proud that these grants will the law enforcement community and will address the reliability of body armor used by law enforcement personnel,” said Congresswoman Laura Richardson. 

In addition to the LBPD funding, Signal Hill city was granted $1,395.48 to buy 4 vests. $65,905.53 was allocated to the city of Los Angeles to purchase 1,000 vests and Los Angeles County received $49,737.23 to purchase 1,730 vests.  Lastly, the El Camino Community College District was awarded $3,625.94 to buy 12 vests.

Los Angeles County was awarded $1,691,137.37 for the Southwest Border Prosecution Initiative. The Southwest Border Prosecution Initiative (SWBPI) provides funds to eligible jurisdictions in the four southwest border states for qualifying federally initiated and declined-referred criminal cases that were resolved after October 1, 2005.

Los Angeles County was awarded $6,251,571 for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) to help defray the costs incurred in incarcerating undocumented criminal aliens convicted of violent crime.

“As a senior member of House Committee on Homeland Security, I spearheaded efforts to ensure funding was available for these programs. I am pleased that these grants will benefit our dedicated law enforcement personnel thus making our community safer,” said Congresswoman Laura Richardson.


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