Doud Receives Third Knighton Award for Audit of Parking Citations

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Parking Citations Audit Wins National Award

Left to right: Drummond Kahn, ALGA President; Director of Audit Services, Portland; Long Beach City Auditor Laura Doud; Nancy Howe, ALGA Awards Committee Chair; Lead Auditor, City and County of Denver

The National Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) announced this week that Long Beach City Auditor Laura Doud and her team of auditors won the prestigious 2012 Bronze Knighton Award for their audit of the Long Beach Parking Citations Collections Process. The award was presented to City Auditor Doud on Monday at ALGA’s annual national conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

In March 2012, the Long Beach City Auditor’s Office issued an audit report of the Parking Citations Collection Process. Parking citations are a significant source of revenue to Long Beach — generating more than $13 million annually for the City. The objective of the audit was to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the City’s parking system collection efforts and to determine the reliability of the parking citation system. The audit found that nearly $18 million was owed from unpaid parking citations. In addition, the software system the City was using to document parking citations and track them through the collection process was out of date and unreliable. 

The audit recommended, and the City Council approved, investing in a new computer system that will significantly increase the efficiency of the collection process.

“I am pleased to announce that since this audit was released, the City of Long Beach has realized an increase of half a million dollars due to major improvements in the efficiency of collecting money owed from parking tickets,” City Auditor Doud said. “In addition, a very aggressive collection policy has been implemented, using the assistance of the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Franchise Tax Board, collection and credit reporting agencies, and a more user-friendly website.  I am hopeful that the City will have the upgraded computer systems operational in the near future so that we can realize the maximum amount of revenue.”

This is the third ALGA Knighton Award City Auditor Doud has received. The award is particularly meaningful because it is judged by government auditors from across the country whose criteria includes the potential impact of audits considered. Accepting the award, City Auditor Doud said, “My staff and I appreciate ALGA’s recognition of our work on behalf of the citizens of Long Beach and our commitment to the highest standards of our profession.”

ALGA was formed in 1985 and represents more than 300 local government organizations and approximately 2,000 members nationwide. The directors of ALGA’s member organizations are both elected and appointed officials; members are independent auditors who are charged with assuring the resources in their communities are being spent appropriately.

The Parking Citations Collections Process Audit can be viewed at

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