Dentist leads a campaign for good oral health in Long Beach

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Dentist David Cho Oral Health Campaign 2010

Dentist David Cho takes his 2010 Oral Health Campaign to the kids at Prisk Elementary School.

Denture Care and Childhood Tooth Decay are two topics that are critical to the overall health of seniors and children.

One local dentist is on a mission to educate the public about maintaining oral health in senior and youngsters. David Cho, D.D.S. of Long Beach-based David Cho Dentistry has launched a 2010 Oral Healthcare Awareness Campaign, reaching out to local schools and senior living communities.

According to an article in the 2000 edition of the Journal of the American Dental Association, roughly 57 percent of denture wearers seldom or never receive a routine checkup.

“Oftentimes dentures go uncared for, harboring dangerous bacteria,” said Dr. Cho. “It is important to remind seniors of the serious health hazards that come with not cleaning their dentures and rinsing their mouths daily.”

In the Dental Health Foundation’s February 2006 study on childhood tooth decay entitled ” ‘Mommy It Hurts to Chew,’ The California Smile Survey, An Oral Health Assessment of California’s Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Children,” reveals that by kindergarten 50 percent of the 186 California children surveyed have tooth decay, 19 percent have rampant decay, and 28 percent have untreated decay.

Dr. Cho has presented childhood oral healthcare prevention seminars at local schools such as Prisk Elementary School in Long Beach. Another noted appearance for Dr. Cho’s 2010 Oral Healthcare campaign, is his recent visit to Marshall Middle School in Long Beach, as a featured speaker for the school’s “College and Career Day” event. This particular presentation was focused not only on oral healthcare, but the importance of higher education and a rewarding career in Dentistry.

David Cho dentistry is a general and cosmetic dental practice that offers a full range of dental and cosmetic services for the entire family including restorative dentistry, emergency treatment, Periodontal therapy, teeth whitening, Invisalign orthodontics, porcelain Veneers, soft-tissue laser therapy, and white fillings.

Dr. Cho’s office is located at 6226 E. Spring St. Suite 330, Long Beach, CA 90815. For more information, please visit our web site at or call (562) 420-1512.

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