DRIVE Our Future Program Offers Students Rides to School

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DRIVE Our Future Program Offers Students Rides to SchoolIn an effort to support local schools and the community, Secure Transportation has offered to transport students to and from school every day throughout the year as part of the company’s recently launched DRIVE Our Future pilot program.

The idea of the program came to life when Steve Dobbs, president of Secure Transportation, and his wife Pilar Dobbs, the company’s director of public affairs, heard about the transportation issues that some students and their families would have to endure all year while Roosevelt Elementary School was being reconstructed at a different site. For some, including those who were very young or with special needs, this meant that they would have to walk miles to go to school. As a solution to this problem, the Dobbs came up with the DRIVE Our Future program. The school selected the children to participate in the program based on their distance from the new school as well as any special circumstances or needs. As part of the program, parents of the participating students donate $5 a month for the shuttle. This money then goes back to the Roosevelt Elementary School fund to buy bus passes for students, making this Secure Transportation’s first public-private-community partnership.

“We have strong ties to the Long Beach community and local schools so we’re always looking for ways to give back and fill a void when needed,” said Pilar Dobbs, director of public affairs for Secure Transportation. “When we heard about the challenges these students and their families were going to have to face throughout the school year due to a lack of transportation, we thought—now this is something we can take care of.”

The new 2012-model van that Secure Transportation purchased for this program seats eight passengers and includes wheelchair accessibility. It runs five loops each day transporting students from Washington Middle School (pick-up site) to Roosevelt’s temporary site, formerly known as Mary Butler Elementary School, (drop-off site), and then back to Washington after school. Because of Secure Transportation’s years of experience transporting students with special needs for several school districts, all of its drivers have already received thorough background checks, drug/alcohol testing as well as CPR and first aid training to meet all state and local requirements for transporting students.

“We’re grateful for Steve and Pilar’s generosity and excited about our new partnership,” noted Christopher Lund, principal of Roosevelt Elementary School. “Secure Transportation is well-equipped, trained and experienced to be transporting our students to and from school. Not only do we now have a reliable ride set up for some of these kids who really need it, but we’re also using parent donations to help pay for students’ bus passes. It’s a win-win.”

Steve Dobbs, who has lived in Long Beach for more than 25 years, took over the reins of the company from his father and currently leads its operations as president. The family, which founded Secure Transportation in 1980, started with a couple of used vehicles and a handful of loyal employees. Over the years, the company has grown to more than 200 employees, 4 offices and nearly 200 vehicles.

About Secure Transportation
Secure Transportation is a family-owned business that provides passenger transportation solutions to the public and private sectors in health care, education and corporate markets throughout the country.

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