Drone Day Brings Demos and Displays to Build It Workspace

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This Saturday,  the first-ever Drone Day flies into Southern California, as part of more than 115 similar drone-centric events taking place in 40 countries around the world. Created specifically to educate the public about the positive ways in which drones are used to better society. Drone-curious families and flying enthusiasts in Los Angeles and Orange County are invited to this free premier celebration. Drone Day is presented by RadFlight Inc., and the nonprofit SoCal Drone Zone organization, both located in Long Beach, CA. 

Not one to drone on, RadFlight’s CEO Mike Rivard, describes the flight plan of Drone Day. “The timing is perfect for celebrating drones, and drone use as they are quickly moving out of the curiosity-zone into the fun-zone. People are becoming more accepting of drones and more comfortable about their operation and safety. We hope we can mitigate the fears some people may have about commercial drones and what the future will bring.”

Drone Day, to be held at the Build It Workspace in Los Alamitos, includes drones on display, drone exhibits, vendors of all things drones, educational and safety literature about drones, and tours of this innovation lab; which offers 3D printers, and other tools needed to build personal drones. In addition, members of SoCal Drone Zone will fly their own drones including the popular “Phantom” and “Inspire” platforms created by event sponsor DJI Technology. DJI is the world’s largest manufacturer of hobby and professional camera drones.

“This will be an exciting, groundbreaking event”, says Rivard. “RadFlight is a pioneering drone company that began in 2012 which makes us the perfect presenter and organizer; we have more breadth and depth of experience than any company out there. That’s why we specialize in consulting, training, building and operating small commercial drones. We’re putting on this drone fest so people can see that education is better than regulation when it comes to drones”.

Drone Day will highlight for the public the positive applications of drones. Also referred to as multirotors, quadcopters, flying robots and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Drones can be used in search and rescue, law enforcement, firefighting, environmental research, conservation, preservation, agriculture, sports, photography and cinematography.”

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently released proposed rules for the operation of small drones weighing 55 pounds or less for commercial purposes. Those proposed rules could go into effect by 2017 after an extended public comment period.

Drone Day is a free event that will take place at Build It Workspace, 4478 Cerritos Ave. in Los Alamitos from 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. on March 14, 2015.

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