Preliminary Data Indicates a Drop in Violent Crime in 2013

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Based on preliminary crime data, Long Beach ended 2013 poised to achieve the lowest number of reported violent crimes in 41 years. When compared to 2012, the 2013 violent crime statistics reflect a decrease of over 13.5%. Property crime statistics also showed an 8.5% decrease. The Total Part 1 Crime reduction was 9.3%.

“The continued downward trend in overall crime reflects the City’s ongoing commitment to public safety,” said Mayor Bob Foster. “I am thrilled that we are experiencing some of the lowest crime rates in the history of our City, and I want to commend the Police Department, its employees, and our entire public safety continuum for their exceptional efforts.”

The Police Department anticipates that the final 2013 statistics, which will be available later this month, will reflect decreases in the violent crime categories of rape (11.3%), robbery (10.0%), and aggravated assault (17.4%) as compared to 2012. Murder is the only violent crime category reflecting an increase of 6.7%, with 32 murders in 2013 compared to 30 in 2012. Of the 32 murders, 19 were investigated as gang related. The total number of rapes (102 crimes) and robberies (1,114 crimes) are the lowest on record.

In the property crime category, which includes larceny (theft), burglaries, grand theft auto, and arson, the greatest decreases are projected in bike theft (25.6%) and petty theft over $50 (20.0%). Throughout the year, auto burglaries trended down, with an expected year-end decrease of 18.4% (450 crimes). Slight increases are expected in the petty theft under $50 (5.5%) and residential burglary (1.0%) categories.

Police Chief Jim McDonnell attributed the property crime reductions to an increase in community awareness, participation in crime prevention efforts, and to the professionalism and hard work of the men and women of the Long Beach Police Department.

“Although we’ve experienced reduced staffing levels in the last several years, I am tremendously proud of and impressed with the outstanding performance and commitment our employees demonstrate to the people we serve,” said Chief McDonnell, “We also welcomed 40 new officers to the field last month and look forward to another academy class to continue our community partnerships and crime fighting efforts in 2014.”

L.B.P.D. continued to partner with law enforcement agencies at the local, county, state and federal levels to leverage available resources to impact crime in Long Beach. In 2013, the Department focused attention on the use of social media as a conduit to improving communication with the community and introduced a new mobile application to streamline the community’s access to the Police Department’s social networking tools. To receive information of news stories, alerts and events, visit: or or @LongBeachPD_CA on Twitter.

The final year-end statistics will be available in mid-January on the Police Department website.

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