Drummond backs Brad Shore in bid for 9th District seat

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brad-shore-drummondLate last week former City Council member Doug Drummond announced his endorsement for 9th District candidate Brad Shore. A community activist, Shore is vying for the council seat against incumbent Val Lerch who is running a write-in campaign.

Drummond provided this letter with his endorsement:

The incumbant Long Beach City Council member in the Ninth District will soon finish a second four year term. This means that re-election of the incumbant will require a write-in vote. Historically, no Long Beach City Council member has ever been re- elected by a write-in vote. I believe this means we should seriously consider selecting another person to serve in that seat.

I grew up in North Long Beach, attended Grant Elementary School and Jordan High School and graduated in 1955. Later, while on the Long Beach Police Department, as a Police Captain, I commanded the North Area and worked from an office at the Houghton Park Facility Center from 1976 to 1979. Our officers initiated “Community Policing,” worked with newly formed Neighborhood Associations, and significantly reduced crime.

In the course of that experience I learned a lot about the neighborhoods and the pride of North Long Beach. I also saw situations when “Downtown” priorities seemed most important in City Hall. This made me understand that the first priority of a City Council member should be to the residents of the Council District. And later, while on City Council, I saw that campaign contributions of “Special Interests” sometimes worked to undermine district loyalties.

Understanding these circumstances, I have decided to support Brad Shore for City Council in the Ninth District. Brad owns his home north of Jordan High School, has studied district problems, and has decided to stay in his home and fight for North Long Beach. I believe he is honest, smart, focused, hard working, and believe he will be loyal to North Long Beach residents.

I hope you will join me in supporting Brad Shore.

Doug Drummond

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