Early Results Show Violent Crime in Long Beach Decreased in 2010

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violent crime in long beachAlthough all of the crime statistics for 2010 have yet to be tallied, preliminary data shows that citywide, violent crime has decreased compared to previous years, and possibly projects the lowest crime numbers in decades, despite population growth and other factors.

“In times of limited resources and a reduction in staff, I am very proud of the men and women of the Long Beach Police Department, as well as our partners in the community who serve as our eyes and ears — their involvement aids in our success,” Chief Jim McDonnell said. “Utilizing current technology, streamlining our operations, and taking a new approach to fighting crime has served as a force multiplier, enabling us to work smarter and continue to make Long Beach a safer place to live, work and play. ”

Based on 11.9 months of data collected for the year 2010, it is projected that the murder rate will be the most significantly reduced, with violent crimes altogether declining by approximately 15%, and property crimes about 9.6%.

Preliminary Violent Crime Statistics for Long Beach:

  • Murder decreased 24.4%
  • Robbery decreased 15.1%
  • Aggravated Assault decreased 16.1%
  • Rape decreased 1.5%

Final and official crime statistics will be released by the Long Beach police department in mid-January.

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