East 7th St. Collaboration Places Third at National Conference of Neighborhoods

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At the national conference of Neighborhoods USA, Eugene Oregon, the East 7th St. Collaboration was recognized for its innovative efforts receiving Third Prize in the Multi-Neighborhood Awards Category. Representing East 7th St. Collaboration at this annual event was Tim Scanlan, owner of LB Skate.

The Neighborhood USA national conference is focused on workshops that educate neighborhood groups, city employees, and community activists on subjects from neighborhood organizing to local food programs. This year marked the 30th year of the awards program and the 39th year of the National Conference. Tim Scanlan presented to a panel of judges and conference attendees on the history of E. 7th St., The Collaboration, the Design Competition, and the future of E. 7th St. with the Street Improvement Initiative Program.

This was E.7th St.’s first ever entry which led to a finalist position. The nomination was based on a design competition entitled “Re-Envisioning East 7th Street”. An idea conceived and executed (along with dozens of volunteers) by Aaron Jackson, designer and active member of the East 7th St. community. The design competition resulted in area architects, artists and designers submitting renderings of existing buildings that have been neglected or have a lack of connection with the identity to the surrounding historic neighborhoods. The design contest culminated in a 2 day event where the submissions were displayed in front of the buildings with the proposed re-design. A professional jury selected the three top winners while the attendees chose the ‘People’s Choice Award’.

This was just one of a few key success stories for the East 7th St. Collaboration this past year. Mayor Bob Foster honored the efforts of working towards a better East 7th St. by decreeing November 19th “East 7th St. Day” for the City of Long Beach. And, the Second District Council office has selected East 7th St for a Street Improvement Initiative Program which will lay out plans that can then be used for future street funding proposals. The Collaboration meets monthly. For updates on E7th go to www.E7th.org for more information.

About East 7th St. Collaboration The purpose is to collectively improve the function and look of East 7th St. and was formed by the leaders of the Craftsman Village, North Alamitos Beach, AOC7 and Rose Park neighborhoods. It has since grown over the past 4 years to include property owners; neighborhood advocates, and many more retailers including restaurateurs. Representatives of both the 1st and 2nd District Council offices attend the monthly meetings. These neighborhoods represent an area adjacent to and including East 7th Street and home to 33,000 residents . This 1.5 square mile area was annexed to the City of Long Beach in 1909. East 7th St. has always been a vital link from downtown to eastern portions of the city and remains so today with 40,000 cars transiting this east-west boulevard daily.

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