East 7th Street Calls to Artists: Apply Now for Arts Month Showcase

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East 7th Street

East 7th Street will be reimagined during October with events that show off local art and businesses.

During October’s Art Month, local artists and residents take to the street – East 7th Street – to envision the possibilities for this important Long Beach thoroughfare.  Organized by the East 7th St. Collaboration, the purpose of this two-day event is to have a thoughtful and creative interaction about what can happen along this 1.6 mile stretch leading to Downtown Long Beach while having fun.

Several restaurants and local retailers will be hosting ‘café-lets’, outdoor café tables and chairs serving food and beverage.  Free temporary parking lots will be identified hosted by neighborhood organizations. During the event, the street will serve as a backdrop, as well as, inspiration to showcase a juried art show that offers new and fresh ideas of building use; facades, and streetscape. 

Walk the street, view the site then view the ‘possibility’. Be part of that discussion in the ‘People’s Awards’ and see how the locals compare with the experts in the ‘Juried Artshow’.

Robert Garcia, First District and Suja Lowenthal, Second District are the event supporters, in addition to the Long Beach Arts Council who has provided mini art event grant monies to support this endeavor. Rose Park Neighborhood Association is the fiscal agent.

Dr. Suja Lowenthal, 2nd District Councilperson has recently identified East 7th St. as the focus of a master plan.  Laura Verbryck, urban planner and member of the East 7th St. Collaboration said, “This is a perfect opportunity for artists, architects and visionaries to have their ideas shown and influence positive change.”

Past president of Rose Park Neighborhood Association, Emily Stevens adds, “this event will help guide plans to renovate the street, this is our chance to think out of the box yet relate to the historic neighborhoods and livable scale all along East 7th.”

Michelle Arend-Ekhoff, co-founder of Craftsman Village points out that this event is the “turning point”, following recent re-paving, intersection pavers, tree plantings and banners, “to fundamentally alter the look, function and perception of East 7th.”

Art will be judged Aaron Jackson, North Alamitos Beach Neighborhood is the coordinator of the juried artshow. Local artists, architects and others are encouraged to submit their concepts.  All inquiries are directed to the website www.E7th.org. Prize monies for selected winners by the jury are offered.

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