LBPD arrests 8 gang members for 12 shootings, including leader of East Side Longos

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east side longos gang arrestedOn Thursday, the Long Beach Police Department served search warrants and arrested eight gang members on charges of murder, attempted murder, accessory to murder and witness intimidation.

The takedown is the result of months of investigation in connection with the series of gang-related shootings. Since July 2009 there have been 12 shootings, two of which were murders. Additionally, one suspect was taken into custody for a 1992 murder.

The main suspect, Ruhani Bustamante, a 28 year-old resident of Long Beach and a member of the East Side Longo street gang, is allegedly responsible for 11 of the 12 shootings, two of which were murders. He was taken into custody at a local business, was booked for murder and attempted murder, and is being held at the Long Beach City Jail.

32-year-old Reyes Rios, the leader of the East Side Longo street gang and an associate of Bustamante, has been identified as the individual responsible for two of the 12 shootings. He was taken into custody at his Long Beach residence, was booked for attempted murder and is being held at the Long Beach City Jail.

Initially, the first three shootings were connected through ballistics. However, detectives had little suspect information to work with and the victims were generally uncooperative.  The October 26, 2009 murder provided detectives with descriptions they had not obtained in previous shootings. Additionally, the murder that took place on January 30, 2010, provided detectives with video surveillance of the suspect and his vehicle for the first time.

As a result, Long Beach Police homicide and gang detectives continued to re-interview victims and canvas neighborhoods looking for witnesses who may have initially been reluctant to speak with them and provide information. During this process, detectives obtained information on a possible suspect and began investigating this individual, identifying his associates and conducting surveillance.

News Releases containing new information on the investigations, which included suspect and vehicle composites and video surveillance photos, were issued asking for the public’s help. As shootings continued to occur, and the investigations continued, two additional shootings were connected to one another through ballistics. Both of these incidents shared the same suspect and vehicle descriptions as some of the other shootings, and were eventually connected to the shooting series.

Through the relentless efforts of homicide detectives, they were able to locate witnesses who provided evidence to identify the suspects.

The following are individuals who were identified through the course of the investigation as individuals who assisted the suspects in the destruction of evidence or aided them in covering up the murders and shootings. In order to make the arrests officers served search warrants in the cities of Long Beach, Lakewood and Signal Hill.

Bustamante, Ruhani, 28, Long Beach
Charge – 2 counts of Murder, 9 counts of Attempt Murder

Rios, Reyes, 32, Long Beach
Charge – 2 counts of Attempted Murder

Ruiz, Delores, 29, Lakewood
Charge – Destruction of Evidence

Kanlilar, Maria, 28, Long Beach
Charge – Accessory to Murder

Herrera, Juan, 32, Long Beach
Charge – Attempt Murder, Accessory to Murder

Cortez, Jose Luis, 37, Long Beach
Charge – Accessory to Murder

Arevalo, Martha, 39, Long Beach
Charge – Attempted Murder

Ramirez, Jesus, 24, Long Beach
Charge – Witness Intimidation

Sedillo, Lisa, 34, Long Beach
Charge – 1992 Murder, Witness Intimidation

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