East Village Art Exchange: RDA seeks public comment on EIR

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long-beach-art-exchangeThe Long Beach Redevelopment Agency (RDA) has completed a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Art Exchange project located at the Southeast corner of 3rd Street and Long Beach Boulevard.

The EIR determines the nature and extent of the proposed project’s impact upon the surrounding environment, and is available for public review and comment.

The Art Exchange is intended to provide a permanent and affordable workplace for the development and production of art by local artists.  The Exchange would operate on a profit-centered business model where artists sell directly to the public and are connected to networking opportunities that would help promote an art community for the City.  Project components include artist studios, multipurpose/classroom space, hot shop for glass and ceramics production, a centrally located open courtyard, gallery space, office, and service areas.

The Art Exchange project totals approximately 10,150 square feet of building area on a 15,000 square foot site (0.34 acres), with approximately 5,150 square feet in new floor area which will complement the existing building at 240 Long Beach Boulevard and use similar open truss structural systems. The construction will utilize the existing building by renovating and reusing the front 5,000 square feet (50 foot wide street frontage and 100 foot depth), maintaining the facade on Long Beach Boulevard. The project building will use an open floor plan to take advantage of the existing clear span structural system along with adjustable wall systems to create studios and other spaces that can change for future needs.

Sustainability plans for this project include obtaining LEED certification as well as compliance with the City’s Green Building Code.

The Initial Study identified the potential for significant project environmental effects in the following issue areas, which are studied in the Draft EIR: air quality and cultural resources. The RDA will receive written comments on the Draft EIR through January 28, 2010. Comments about the Art Exchange EIR should be sent to:

Craig Chalfant
Long Beach Development Services
333 W. Ocean Boulevard, 5th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802
Via fax to: (562) 570-6068
Via e-mail to: craig.chalfant@longbeach.gov

The Draft EIR is available for public review online and at the locations listed below during regular business hours:

If you require additional information, please contact Craig Chalfant at (562) 570-6368.


2 Responses to “East Village Art Exchange: RDA seeks public comment on EIR”
  1. Pedro says:

    This is great news. I hope it gets all the approvals that are needed!

  2. Lisa says:

    Looks like a great plan; I hope this comes to fruition. Don’t see any parking accommodations which is problematic.