eBook Author Susan Culp to Speak at Los Alto Library May 9

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fifty-frogs-ebookOn May 9, 2009, at 1:00 p.m., Long Beach native and author, Susan Culp, will talk about her new E-book: 50 Frogs, 5 Babes and a Bulldog, a comedy about today’s dating world featuring a crazy English bulldog. Culp will also discuss the pros and cons of the E-book industry.

50 Frogs, 5 Babes and a Bulldog, now available on Amazon’s Kindle 2, is a woman’s comedy about middle-aged Sandy Applegate and her four female friends, who are looking for good men in today’s dating world. She comes up with a plan based on “You have to kiss 50 frogs before you meet your prince,” and the girls agree to continue their quest for the perfect mate. But the “frogs” keep appearing.

During this search, Sandy realizes that those men aren’t the only frogs. She takes a good look at herself. Her four friends do the same, and they all decide to make some changes. In the end, each gal meets her prince or princes, with some funny surprises along the way.

Los Altos Neighborhood Library is located at 5614 E. Britton Drive, Long Beach. For further information visit the author’s website at www.50frogs5babesandabulldog.com, or contact the librarian at 562-570-1045.

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