Ayurvedic Nail Spa brings the celebrity treatment to East Village with a Bollywood grand opening

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elizabeth ashton ayurvedic nail spaElizabeth Ashton, manicurist to stars like Vivica Fox and Lelah Hathaway, recycles 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic techniques to promote wellness, long life and beautiful nails. This weekend, Ashton invites locals to walk down the red carpet at a party that celebrates ancient traditions, modern techniques and the opening of her new salon in the East Village.

“I believe too many salons don’t really care for their clients. Few, if any, do what I do. I am anti-acrylic, anti-chemical, Ayurvedic and natural,” explains the owner of Elizabeth Ashton Ayurvedic Nail Salon. “The Earth gives us what we need. My job? To tailor treatments and products to my customers with magical coconut-lime oil massages, a rose mask, cranberry or chocolate-champagne scrubs or chickpea flour for smooth skin.”

But, can ancient Ayurvedic treatments really provide solutions to modern problems? Celebrities think so. Actress Vivica Fox’s nails were perfected on Oscar Night by Ashton’s holistic artwork. Singing star Lalah Hathaway also prefers Ashton’s natural look. And, the 2010 International Junior Miss contestants strutted the runway flashing Ashton’s glorious manicures.

Half the body’s bones are in the hands and feet. “They take a real beating but can be the very picture of reinvention, “says Ashton, whose services are designed to massage, energize, and enlighten. Using oils and steam, her goal is to help clients achieve mind-body balance through relaxation and stimulation of all the senses.

“I was a radio train dispatcher and a limo driver. My feet and hands ached all the time,” explains Ashton. “Now, after years of training, I’ve turned my passion into a business, providing an oasis of comfort to rejuvenate sore hands and feet.”

According to the spa owner, because nerve endings bundle and gather in the toes and fingers, massage releases toxins helping prevent disease: vital keys to maintenance and wellness. The finishing touch? A dizzying array of beautiful colors for fingers and toes.

“True Beauty always includes your hands and nails,” concludes Ashton.

On Saturday, guests are invited to walk the Red Carpet, mingle with the stars and celebrate the grand opening of Elizabeth Ashton Ayurvedic Nail Spa. The Indian-themed party will feature complimentary food, music and live Bollywood performances. Ashton will be on hand to greet guests with a hand-placed blessed Bendi, a body decoration targeting the 6th Chakra that is considered the center of wisdom.

There will also be giveaways and a one-night-only special for spa manicure/pedicure packages.

The party takes place Saturday, April 10, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Elizabeth Ashton Ayurvedic Nail Spa, 501-A East Broadway in the East Village. RSVP for the grand opening celebration by email at elizabeth@elizabethashtonspa.com or call (562) 290-2576 for more information about the Ayurvedic Nail Spa.


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  1. Julie Thomas says:

    I’m excited that Elizabeth Ashton Ayruvedic Nail Spa has opened in Long Beach. She truly is a spa owner who cares about her clients.