End Abuse Long Beach: Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention

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end abuse long beach - nonprofit organizationEverythingLongBeach.com recently spoke with Erika Jewell, Board Member of End Abuse Long Beach, via email. They talked about the inspirations and challenges of running a nonprofit organization in Long Beach.

How long has End Abuse Long Beach been around? Did it start in Long Beach?

End Abuse Long Beach has been providing familiy violence prevention education to the greater Long Beach community since 1975.

Tell us about End Abuse Long Beach, your mission, the people you serve or your goals.

End Abuse Long Beach (previously The Long Beach Area Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention Council) is a voluntary group of professionals and concerned community members who work in some way with abused or neglected children, domestic violence victims or perpetrators, and their families.

Mission Statement for End Abuse Long Beach:

End Abuse Long Beach provides a monthly forum and sponsors related conferences for community members to learn, discuss, question, network and share ideas relating to the treatment and prevention of child abuse and domestic violence.

We arrange for dynamic and informative guest speakers in medical, legal and psychosocial fields to give presentations on various aspects of treatment and prevention of child abuse and domestic violence.

End Abuse Long Beach offers CEUs for most of our presentations.

The “ Long Beach Area Child Trauma Council” was founded in 1975—the first such Council in California and the second in the United States. We spearheaded the creation of the California Consortium of Child Abuse Councils and earned a strong reputation as a leading voice in child abuse prevention.

In July 1996, the “Child Trauma Council” merged with the local “Domestic Violence Council” to become “ Long Beach Area Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention Council”. The Council was incorporated in 1993. In June, 2005, the Council renamed itself to “End Abuse Long Beach”.

How is End Abuse Long Beach different from similar nonprofits?

Our longevity, and ability to provide quality education and networking opportunities for social service professionals is unparalleled by an other group in Long Beach.

How is End Abuse Long Beach involved with the community?

End Abuse Long Beach frequently sponsors awareness events in the community and provides agencies with needed publications and resources.

What is the most rewarding part of running End Abuse Long Beach?

The commeraderie among the individuals who attend and their loyalty and committment.

What are the challenges you face — as a nonprofit, as an advocacy group, or in your industry?

The council is completely run by busy, volunteer professionals. We would also like to reach out to others in the community.

How can people get involved with End Abuse Long Beach? What do you need — volunteers, donations, etc?

Our council meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month.

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