Enjoy a Meal Out and Bring Your Pet Dog Along in Long Beach!

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Restaurants allow dogs

New policy allows restaurant owners to offer patio dining experiences for patrons and their dogs.

Dogs and their owners came out to Kress Market Wednesday to celebrate dining on the outdoor patio. This new policy, approved by the Long Beach City Council, allows restaurant owners to offer patio dining experiences for people and their four-legged friends.

“Allowing dog owners to keep their pets with them while dining on outdoor patios is a great new business friendly policy in Long Beach,” said Mayor Bob Foster. “The City of Long Beach is excited to offer restaurant owners the opportunity to allow dogs on patios.”

This new policy is 100 percent voluntary. Individual restaurant owners may allow dogs to dine with their owners on restaurant patios. Restaurant owners may also decide to continue restricting dogs from their dining establishments. The policy change was approved by the full City Council on July 24, 2012, based on a request from Vice Mayor Robert Garcia, Councilmember Suja Lowenthal, and Councilmember Gary DeLong.

“The Health Department is very pleased to work with the Mayor and City Council to implement this policy,” said Ron Arias, Director of the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services. “The Department has developed guidelines that allows restaurants to welcome all of their customers, including the ones with four legs, while ensuring the food that is served is safe”.

The key provisions of the policy are listed below:

  • Owners must post a sign to let the customer know that the patio is “dog-friendly”. The Health Department has stickers and signage available for dog-friendly restaurants at no cost
  • Pet dogs must enter the patio from the outside (they cannot enter through the interior)
  • Pet dogs may not sit at the table
  • Pet dogs may not eat off the same plates and utensils as people
  • Employees may not touch the animals while serving food
  • Employees must wash hands after touching the any pet dog

This policy does not impact the ADA policy regarding service animals. Service animals will continue to be allowed anywhere in the facility where customers are allowed.

Free informational materials are available to assist businesses that are interested in offering pet friendly dining. Businesses that are interested in allowing pet dogs on patios can obtain copies of the Dog-Friendly Patio sign and informational handouts at: http://www.longbeach.gov/health/eh/food/default.asp. For additional information on dining with your pet dog, please call 562.570.4144.

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