Entrepreneur Club For Moms Launches in Long Beach

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Mom entrepreneur club launches in long beachLong Beach’s very first Mom-e Club has scheduled its launch networking meeting on Thursday, August 25, 2011 at the Kidz Head 2 Toe shop. There is no cost to attend and childcare is available.

This is the official launch of the Mom-e Club in Long Beach, which was founded in Gilbert, AZ. The group will meet every last Thursday of each month to network, support each other, share business and marketing tips, and learn from experts to grow their businesses.

As mom entrepreneurs, we all know that it takes an incredibly talented, yet patient woman to be able to balance a business, children, the husband, the household, and so on.

“The Mom-e (aka mom entrepreneur) Club is the place for mom entrepreneurs to gather together for education, support, encouragement, business relationships, heck, even therapy sometimes, from other moms in their shoes that simply “get it,” said Tisha Pelletier, founder of the Mom-e Club.

Members range from new moms just starting out in business to moms with established businesses sending their children off to college. There’s a place for all mom entrepreneurs to be a part of this club. Dad entrepreneurs welcome to attend, too. Childbirth is not a requirement although a large majority of our members are mom entrepreneurs.

The focus of this group is not to teach moms how to potty train their children, but to help all mom entrepreneurs nurture and grow their businesses, and create meaningful relationships with others along the way.

“The Mom-E Club is a different kind of networking group. For me, I was drawn to the fact that it’s a place for moms to be real,” said Dawn Hershey, Melaleuca. “We have different situations than many other business people in terms of being mothers and juggling business and family life. The Mom-E Club offers a place of community and strength, as well as a soft place to fall and be understood in a moment of weakness. There are no other groups out there with this same dynamic of mom-entrepreneurs.”

Chapter leaders, Christina Lincicum of Kidz Head 2 Toe and Jennifer Griner of the National Association for Balanced Moms (NAFBM) are both excited to meet, support and get to know Long Beach’s finest mom entrepreneurs.

The Mom-e Club launch and networking meeting is Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 7:00pm at the Kidz Head 2 Toe shop. the Kidz Head 2 Toe shop 5467 E Carson Street, Long Beach, California 90808

To be part of this exciting launch meeting for entrepreneurial moms in Long Beach, please RSVP for the upcoming meeting at www.nafbm.org/events.

For more information about the Mom-e Club, visit their website www.mom-eclub.com.

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