What Excites You About Long Beach? Capture It on Video to Win!

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The Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau (LBCVB) is asking its community a simple question: What excites you about Long Beach? With that in mind, the LBCVB is launching its first-ever digital video contest to allow visitors and locals alike to show the world what excites them about the “Beach with Benefits.”

Starting on December 15 and lasting through January 31, the “What Excites You About Long Beach” video contest will ask anyone and everyone to create a video from 15 seconds to 180 seconds, showcasing some of their favorite Long Beach locations. A total of six winning filmmakers will take home Beach with Benefits prizes, including a $1,000 grand prize, based on content and originality. 

To kick off the campaign, the LBCVB partnered with Andrew Smith, formerly the “Chief Funster” for New South Wales, Australia. To earn the position, Andrew was one of over 330,000 applicants from 196 countries, winning the right to experience 802,000 “moments of fun,” creating a unique moment for every square kilometer of NSW.

“I was impressed with Andrew’s style, so I asked him if he would consider making a Long Beach video that would show off our city’s unique style and environment,” said Steve Goodling, President & CEO of the Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau. “We quickly put together a proposal for Smith and his wife Rachel to visit restaurants and local attractions like the Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific, and the renovated Long Beach Airport.”

Andrew agreed, putting a slight delay on an international trip through New York, Germany, and Italy, all to see the Beach with Benefits first-hand. In two days, the husband and wife duo were able to capture an exciting snapshot of the eclectic, fun and entertaining offerings waiting in Long Beach. “Long Beach is a place that is completely understated,” said Smith. “Though it’s not as large or crazy as L.A., Long Beach caters to your mood, whatever it may be. I was stoked to film the city in a raw and simple manner.”

The resulting video is the official starting point for the “What Excites You About Long Beach” contest to serve as an example for aspiring filmmakers to use when entering their video submissions. Throughout December and January, the LBCVB will also be holding free meet-ups at various locations throughout Long Beach, giving locals and visitors alike a guided tour of the Beach with Benefits, giving participants extra video opportunities. Venues and dates will be announced through CVB social media feeds throughout the coming weeks.

The video submissions and contest rules can be found at www.beachwithbenefits.com/win.


One Response to “What Excites You About Long Beach? Capture It on Video to Win!”
  1. Vachelle says:

    The link at the end of the article does not take you to the video submissions and contest rules. Instead it takes you to an old contest that is now closed.