xUmp.com to Offer Exciting Summer Electronics Classes For Kids

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xUmp.com, a leading supplier of scientific educational toys and supplies, will be providing exciting summer electronics classes for teens in the greater Long Beach area during the month of August.

The workshops will focus on giving teens an introduction to basic electronics. Each workshop will build upon the previous workshop with increasingly advanced topics. Topics covered will include learning the basics of voltage and current, building circuits, and learning how to solder. “Our goal is to give students who would not normally have an opportunity to learn about electronics in their regular science classrooms a chance to learn about the fundamentals behind this key scientific field”, commented Andrea Spilsbury, Customer Service Manager of xUmp.com. “We’re anticipating the small class sizes and hands-on activities to be a major stand-out among local summer activities and camps”.  xUmp.com is one of the largest online retailers specializing in science supplies and toys, shipping to over 350,000 customers in over 100 countries worldwide each year.

“The small classroom size is a huge bonus,” noted local science teacher Erika Bolger. “Getting kids to work with science equipment is where the real learning happens, and I think the workshops are a great way to get kids excited about science and engineering.” Classes will be held concurrently during the month of August and include all materials necessary for the projects.  Participants will get to keep all of the materials used.

The workshops are being held at xUmp.com’s warehouse facility in Lakewood, CA. Southern California residents can visit http://www.xump.com/workshops for additional information and to register for the classes.

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