Explore With Friends And Win Prizes During Downtown’s Amazing Race

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Up to 150 visitors and residents will solve clues, perform challenges and explore the urban landscape, competing for prizes valued at more than $1,000 in Downtown’s Amazing Race on Saturday, April 23, 2011 in Downtown Long Beach.

This interactive event, modeled after the hit television show of the same name, will take participants on a journey throughout the diverse and eclectic neighborhoods of Downtown where they will visit various businesses and landmarks in order to find clues and perform challenges. From intellectual conundrums to physical feats to food-eating fun, Downtown’s Amazing Race will keep participants on their toes for several hours of action-packed entertainment.

Organized collaboratively by the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) and Garnica Interiors principal, Joen Garnica. The event’s registration will begin at 9AM on April 23 at Promenade Square located between 1st Street and Broadway in Downtown Long Beach. The finish line, which participants will have to find on their own, will feature hosted appetizers and refreshments to reward players for their efforts.

Teams of 2-4 people will compete against each other and will be timed – with the fastest team to complete all of the challenges crowned as the winners. A few bonus clues and tasks will be thrown in, each offering a reward of 5-15 minutes being shaved off the team’s final time. Teams that find themselves completely stumped can call on volunteers for help, but will be penalized by having additional minutes added to their final time.

“Downtown’s Amazing Race incorporates a little of everything that I love and work on as an active downtown resident and business owner,” said Garnica, who serves as a member of DLBA’s Marketing & Special Events Task Force. “It promotes local businesses and cross neighborhoods, highlights our city’s landmarks, incorporates public transportation, has an element of discovery and it brings residents and visitors together.”

The cost to participate is $75 per team for up to four participants. Those interested must register in advance online at www.downtownlongbeach.org. Day-of registration will not be accepted. Check-in will begin at 9AM on Saturday, April 23 at Promenade Square located between 1st Street and Broadway on Downtown’s newly renovated Promenade. The event will begin promptly at 10AM.

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