Expungement Education Workshop On September 13, 2010

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clear-criminal-record WorkshopDo you, or someone you know, have an adult or juvenile criminal record that needs clearing?

If so, you’ll want to attend the no‐cost Expungement Education Workshop, Monday, September 13, 2010, 4:00 pm‐ 5:00 pm, at the Center for Working Families, 1900 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90806.

At the workshop, participants will receive pertinent information from subject‐matter experts on certificate of rehabilitation; information on expungement of adult convictions & sealing of juvenile records; and assistance with completing required expungement forms.

For a very straightforward self‐help tool for those wishing to file a petition on a Long Beach case, visit online.

For more information on the Workshop, please call 562.570.WORK.


One Response to “Expungement Education Workshop On September 13, 2010”
  1. skywalker77 says:

    There is an important bill in congress right now which would allow one-time non-violent ex-offenders to clear their records and rejoin society as employable full citizens. It is HR5492 – The Fresh Start Act of 2010, introduced by Steve Cohen of Memphis, Tennessee. Currently the bill awaits review by the House Subcommittee on Crime, chaired by Congressman Bobby Scott.

    It is an excellent bill, and would probably pass if it ever reaches the floor of Congress, but most bills are allowed to die in committee, and I’m afraid that this one will be “shelved until next time”, and probably forgotten, unless there is a strong, vocal effort to get it moving.

    Call your congressman and tell them you support this bill and expect his/her support for it as well. Call Congressman Scott and tell him you want HR5492 to be reviewed by his Subcommittee and then forwarded to the House, Senate and President THIS YEAR!! Tell your friends and family to call Congressman Scott as well!

    Bobby Scott’s contact numbers:
    Washington DC phone # 202-225-8351
    Washington DC fax # 202-225-8354

    Don’t hesitate to call – it is their job to hear and act upon our concerns.