Fashion Show to Raise Money for Pediatric Heart Center

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Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach Auxiliary

The Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach Auxiliary will work with Neiman Marcus for the annual fashion show fundraiser on February 22.

Each year approximately 40,000 babies are born in the United States with a congenital heart defect. Around 90 percent of these babies will survive to adulthood. While medical advances have improved diagnosis and surgery for children, many adults with congenital heart disease may not be getting proper care.

The Pediatric Heart Center at Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach, is one of only a few programs in Southern California to offer comprehensive congenital cardiac care to patients of all ages and has an expert team just for adult congenital heart issues. Expert physicians at Miller Children’s can treat virtually every type of congenital heart defect, offering the latest interventional and treatment options for patients like 17-year-old Kelly Giron. 

Halfway through her senior year of high school, Kelly had been experiencing severe headaches that became so unbearable she was taken to the Emergency Room on Christmas. Tests revealed that she had a “white spot” in her brain and was immediately sent to Miller Children’s, where a congenital heart defect was discovered.

A hole in Kelly’s heart combined with an abnormal drainage of her lung blood flow to the wrong side of her heart had resulted in a potentially deadly brain abscess — a link that was made by the specialized congenital heart team at Miller Children’s.

In order to remove the abscess and fix her heart problem, Kelly would require two surgeries, one to remove the abscess in her brain and a second to repair the hole in her heart. Because of the care she received at Miller Children’s, Kelly was able to make a full recovery and graduate from high school on time.

To continue providing leading congenital heart care, the Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach Auxiliary will hold its annual designer fashion show on Saturday, Feb. 22. Proceeds from this event will go toward updating surgical equipment and ensure that the pediatric heart care team can continue to provide the best possible care for patients like Kelly.

“We first heard of the pediatric heart team’s amazing work from a former patient’s parents at a Miller Children’s advisory board meeting,” says Linda Dilday, president, Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach Auxiliary. “It was amazing to hear about the procedures that had saved this child’s life. Seeing first-hand how much of an improvement the pediatric heart team is making on the lives of others inspired us to try and do our part to help them out.”

This year’s designer fashion show is a step forward in the evolution of the annual event. For the first time, the Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach Auxiliary will be working with Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island to feature the fashions of Lafayette 148 New York. More than 400 guests are expected at the show, which includes a luncheon and silent auction of more than 100 items. For more information on the designer fashion show, contact Margie Penny at

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