A Father’s Love, A Daughter’s Eye; Father Daughter Photography Exhibit On View in Long Beach

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A Father’s Love, A Daughter’s Eye brings together Cisco and Milah, a seasoned graphic designer and an aspiring filmmaker, for a joint showing of their artistry in common: photography. The father and daughter photographers use film and digital cameras to compose portraits, urban and high desert landscapes. A selection of these are on view for the public this June 2014 at MIXT Media Arts Gallery, 322 Elm Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802.

General Viewing: 11am – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday, June 14 and Father’s Day June 15

Reception: 6pm – 11pm, 2nd Saturday Art Walk, June 14

Two Photos To Look For: Cisco’s ‘Chair’ Sessions and Hollywood by Milah

About A Father’s Love(s): Cisco spent his youth growing up in Los Angeles appreciating art, soul music and classic cars. As a husband and father seeking distance from violence, he moved with his family to the high desert. There, he designs screen-printed shirts, plays electric guitar and fills refrigerator shelves with canisters of undeveloped film.

About A Daughter’s Eye: Milah is an emerging creative surrounded by family, nature and possibilities. Having been born into an extended artistic community, she is now a freshman cultivating her own voice. She composes images using natural light, color, mood and angles – in between homework and late nights out taking pictures of live bands.

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