A Faux Tree Grows in Long Beach as AT&T Upgrades Local Network

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Fake Tree is really a cell tower

This cell tower at 1280 West Willow Street is disguised to look like a tree.

From a distance, a bird might almost mistake this site for a real tree! The cell sites in Long Beach take on many shapes and sizes including a 60-foot faux tree located at 1280 West Willow Street. It might fool birds, but its true value is increasing reliability, capacity and speed to the wireless service in Long Beach.

In an ongoing effort, AT&T is committed to ensuring customers in Long Beach get the best service available. The cell site on Willow is one of many in Long Beach that have been upgraded with additional capacity this year. The improvements — expected to help handle Long Beach’s ever growing volume of calls, video, Internet and data use — are part of AT&T’s $450 million investment in network improvements throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

“We are investing in our Long Beach network to help AT&T customers conduct business faster and more efficiently, as well as to take advantage of the numerous capabilities of their smart-phones and tablets,” said Angela Gibson, Director, AT&T External Affairs. “We are committed to providing our customers excellent service to meet their daily needs, and we are backing that up with the right network enhancements.”

To stay ahead of the growing demand for data, AT&T increases capacity by adding new cell sites and upgrading equipment at existing cell sites. Basically it’s like adding lanes to the highway so it can handle more traffic.

“Wireless traffic has surged 8,000 percent in the last four years,” Gibson noted. “At AT&T, we’re investing $19 billion nationally to improve our wireless infrastructure.”

AT&T has also deployed 4G to its mobile broadband network in Long Beach. When combined with enhanced Ethernet connectivity between the cell site and the wireless switch in Anaheim later this year, the deployment will enable 4G wireless data speeds of up to four times faster than ordinary mobile broadband, enhancing the experience for customers and businesses who use the Internet or data-heavy applications on tablets, mobile devices or smart-phones.

AT&T’s advanced network provides several important advantages. Its mobile-broadband network provides customers with the ability to talk and surf at the same time. For instance, they can look up directions to an event while still talking on the phone, or browse their favorite social media sites while chatting with a friend.

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