New Feature Banners Installed in Bixby Knolls

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Even with the uncertainty of the Redevelopment Agency, the Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association continues to move ahead with its RDA-funded programs for this fiscal year. The latest project was the installation of new “feature” banners along Atlantic Avenue and Long Beach Blvd.

“We have Bixby Knolls banners on every light pole from Wardlow to 46th Street to designate the business district.” said BKBIA Executive Director Blair Cohn. “The new banners show the ‘features’ of Bixby Knolls as you drive through the district. Not only do you know you are in Bixby Knolls but you also get to see what Bixby Knolls has to offer.” Every third light pole has a different image highlighting Shopping, Dining, Professional Services, Strollers, Supper Club, Literary Society, Bike Friendly, Live Theater, and First Fridays. “We even created banners for the Long Beach Shakespeare Company, Historical Society, and Rancho Los Cerritos. It’s important to showcase all the assets of the community both business and neighborhood-related.”

Next project in the queue: BKBIA logo decals at each intersection.

“We are determined to keep the momentum going and make as many improvements to the district as we can.” said Cohn. “Bixby Knolls is a textbook example of redevelopment dollars at work. We can walk the corridors and literally point to all the changes made in the last few years with the assistance of the RDA.”

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