$203,000 Federal Grant Awarded to The Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office

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The Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office has been selected to receive a $203,000 federal grant for its efforts to combat gang crime in Long Beach. The grant was awarded by the United States Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

“Long Beach is making progress in the fight against criminal street gangs, but there is more we can do. We work closely with Chief Jim McDonnell and Long Beach Police to suppress gang activity, but this grant will give us additional tools against gangs. Hopefully, we can keep kids from joining gangs in the first place,” said City Prosecutor Doug Haubert.

The DOJ award, the largest single grant ever received by the Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office, is earmarked to support the office’s Gang Prevention Strategy, recognized in 2013 by Neighborhoods USA as one of America’s “Best Neighborhood Programs.”

The DOJ grant award announcement states:

“In 2010, the City Prosecutor’s Office set a course considered unique for prosecutors that focused on community-based intervention efforts to help prevent crime before it happens. The result was a three-part Gang Prevention Strategy that has forged community partnerships many thought were not possible and earned national recognition.”

In May 2014, the Long Beach City Council adopted Safe Long Beach Violence Prevention Plan that calls for public and private agencies to collaborate on crime suppression and intervention strategies. The new DOJ grant will give the City Prosecutor more resources while furthering the collaborative efforts of Safe Long Beach.

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