Federal Stimulus Bill Funding Could Upgrade Arlington Storm Drain

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stimulus-money-storm-drainOn June 2 the City Council will consider a proposal to fund the critical Arlington Storm Drain project using the City’s allotment of Community Development Block Grants-Recovery (CDBG-R) funds.

Long Beach will receive $2,332,444 for Community Development Block Grants from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as part of the Stimulus bill.  The proposal before the City Council will direct $1,479,200 of those funds to improve the West Arlington Street neighborhood storm water infrastructure.  

“I made a commitment to the residents of West Arlington Street neighborhood to find funding to fix this problem and I’m proud to see that it’s finally done,” said Mayor Bob Foster.  “Once completed, the project will put to an end the anxiety residents feel during every rainfall.  I’m glad we can give them some peace of mind.”

Homes and businesses surrounding the 2300 block of West Arlington Street experienced severe flooding at least seven times during the past 20 years.  The most recent flooding of the area took place February 7, 2009, when the neighborhood was inundated with two to three feet of water due to heavy rainstorms.

“Securing funding for the Arlington Storm Drain project has been my top priority this year due to the reoccurrence of devastating flooding and the impact on the West Long Beach community,” said Seventh District Councilwoman Reyes Uranga.  “This is such an important project for my district, and I’m pleased that we have found a way for federal assistance to be used to provide relief for the Arlington Neighborhood.”

In compliance with the Stimulus Bill, the Arlington Storm Drain project is fully designed, “shovel-ready” and can go out to bid as early as June 17, 2009.  The estimated time of construction after the contract has been awarded is six months.  The project will upgrade the existing storm drain system to withstand a higher level of flooding.  Upgrading the existing storm drain system will help protect the neighborhood from future flooding, as well as provide residents with the peace of mind during rain events.

These funds are a portion of the $53 million in Stimulus Bill funding that the City of Long Beach expects to receive via formula-based funding.  To date, the City of Long Beach and its government partners have accepted $20,510,760 in Stimulus dollars for the Long Beach area.  CDBG-R funding has been distributed to grantees like Long Beach that received CDBG funding in 2008.

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