Finding Rental Properties Is Becoming Easier in Long Beach

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lb-rentalsLong Beach Rentals, a new website that launched in the beginning of the month, will focus on Long Beach and its outlying cities in an effort to simplify a somewhat difficult task of searching for available rental properties. The website, launched after a soft launch that took place in early November of 2012 in order to gain rental listings.

Nearly 60% of Long Beach residents are in rental situations, according the 2010 US Census Data and with over 450,000 residents, the need for valuable rental information and listings has never been higher.

Long Beach Rentals was created as the idea of Chandra Clewley, a local businesswoman and single mother, who saw the growing need when she pursued her own search for a new place to live. “The only listing information I could find was a prepaid rental listing service that focuses on Los Angeles’s Westside. That would be great if I lived on the Westside of LA! Long Beach was hardly an after thought on that website. Craigslist forced me to sift through listings that were clearly scams, and were not being monitored or audited in any way. Most of the listings were agents trying to get residents to consider buying homes instead of looking for rentals.” Clewley decided to invest in the development of a website that would cater to residents like her, in an effort to capture quality rentals that are local to the area and compile them in one place on the web. “It was a long and detailed process to build the site, and I am excited to offer renters a place to go to find good properties in this market.”

The website operates as a prepaid rental listing service and is bonded and licensed through the California Department of Real Estate. Long Beach Rentals is the first of its kind to specialize in the local area and offers its users a free way in which to search the listings by categories such as neighborhoods, dwelling types and cost. Members, who pay for a 30-day membership, have the choice of several additional options including pets, furnishings, hardwood floors and fireplaces. The paid membership also gives the user the ability to see contact information and addresses. “It is my goal that Long Beach Rentals be the preeminent listing service for Long Beach residents. I love this community and the sense of loyalty that the people here have. I hope to be a household name, where every resident knows that when they are planning a move, they should just automatically join” Said Clewley.

Long Beach Rentals offers a one-of-a-kind map that has been divided into 11 quadrants that house 3-6 neighborhoods each. This type of map has not existed before in Long Beach and provides renters a clear picture of where specific neighborhoods are, and how they relate to other neighborhoods in location.

Long Beach Rentals launched in February and offers free memberships through it’s Beta testing stage, which Clewley plans to keep through the middle of the year. After this, the fee will be $30 for a 30-day membership, half the price of the competition. The site is usable without paying the fee with limited details and will always be free for landlords, property managers and apartment buildings to list on. For more information, check out and happy renting!


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