Finishing Gustavo’s Ride: Friends and family take Memorial Bike Ride

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This morning a group of about 50 people young and old, with bikes in tow, gathered at Lincoln Park to prepare for a memorial bike ride in honor of Gustavo Ramirez, the 30 year old Long Beach cyclist killed on January 5 as he rode along Shoreline Drive. The group consisted of friends, family members, co-workers and complete strangers all of who’s lives were touched by Gustavo or by the story of his death. (Click any image to browse the photo gallery.)

The riders set out on a route that duplicated Mr. Ramirez’ favorite ride, the one he took on the day he was killed. The route took them past the Pike, along Golden Shore to the Queen Mary. The riders returned along Golden Shore and headed past the Aquarium of the Pacific, along Shoreline Drive and stopping at a memorial at Shoreline Drive and Shoreline Village Drive, the site of his accident.

Riders gathered at the site and several members of the family and friends spoke of Gustavo and how he touched their lives. Including his father, sister and Former 8th District City Council Member Rob Webb who’s family “unofficially adopted” Ramirez after his mother died while he was a teenager. Also at the site to pay their respect were representatives of the city and state including City Representative Tony Cruz and State Senator Alan Lowenthal, 27th district.

The riders returned to their bikes and headed towards Gustavo’s home in Belmont Shore. Concluding the ride he set out on the day of his tragic accident. The event later moved to Alfredo’s Beach Club located on the beach at Granada Ave, where riders were treated to food and refreshments.

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