Former Dieter Encourages Women to Let Go of the Yo-Yo and Stop Emotional Eating

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Hungry4Less - Kabar and Sivertsen

Kim Kabar and Paul Sivertsen have developed an 8-week program that addresses the emotional reasons behind overeating.

In search of an answer to end their often decades-long struggle to lose weight, most of the women who initially attend an introductory presentation to Hungry for Less, a new Long Beach-based weight loss program, do so with much reservation, cynicism and doubt.

But the founder of Hungry for Less, Kim Kabar, is not deterred by their initial pessimism.

“I totally get why women are wary of yet another weight loss program,” said Kabar, 47, of Long Beach. “I’ve been in their shoes, I’ve gained and lost hundreds of pounds over my lifetime because nothing ever worked for me, at least not in the long-term.”

What did finally help Kabar lose more than 50 pounds and keep the weight off for the last seven years was her realization of the connection between her overeating and her emotions, said Kabar.

Hungry for Less is different than any other mainstream weight loss program because it aims to transform women’s relationship to food and address the number one reason why women are overweight, said Kabar.

“If women only ate when they were truly hungry, they wouldn’t be overweight,” said the veteran journalist who once worked as a staff writer for the Press Telegram. “The reality is that most women don’t eat when they are hungry. We eat because we are stressed, frustrated, tired, sad, bored, hurt, anxious and a whole host of other emotional reasons. We eat not from hunger but from emotions.”

Kabar, along with her partner, Paul Sivertsen, a veteran in the field of transformational education, developed the innovative 8-week Hungry for Less program for women wanting to address the emotional reasons behind their overeating, said Kabar.

At a cost of $115, the pair use a therapeutic-driven approach to help participants lose weight by educating them about emotional eating and helping them get in touch with the hunger cues that will allow them to become more mindful eaters, said Kabar.

“Most of our participants admit that they rarely feel hungry because they don’t allow themselves to feel hunger,” said Sivertsen, a graduate of Landmark Education, a personal training and development company which offers transformational programs throughout the world. “There are often deep emotional reasons for this hunger avoidance and emotional eating and that is what we address in our workshops.”

The pair is offering free introduction to Hungry for Less presentations throughout August and September. The actual 8-week workshops will begin the week of September 12th with classes being offered from 7 to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays or from 10 to Noon on Saturdays.

For more information, please call Kim Kabar at (562) 519-3835 or Paul Sivertsen at (562) 325-2927 or visit our website at


2 Responses to “Former Dieter Encourages Women to Let Go of the Yo-Yo and Stop Emotional Eating”
  1. This looks pretty good. I’m definitely going to consider this. I believe this might be the reason why I overeat (or don’t exercise enough).

    • Paul says:

      Hi Pearl of the Dark Age:
      Kim and I hope to see you soon at one of our introductions to Hungry for Less.
      You can RSVP on our website.
      Thank you for leaving a comment on this article.

      Co-owner Hungry for Less.